Best Free Apps for CrossFit

CrossFit is the best training program to help anyone, from the seasoned athlete to the seasoned couch potato, get into the best shape of his or her life.

I found this recently first hand when I took it up!

Best Apps for CrossFitUnlike most exercise routines, which focus only on one or two things, be it strength, weight loss, endurance, or muscle building, CrossFit works on a multitude of athletic qualities. Start training CrossFit and stick with it and you can expect to get stronger, faster, more flexible, more mobile, have more endurance, and improve your body composition significantly.

There are additional features of CrossFit that set it apart from other workout programs as well. Its competitive aspect and constantly varied workouts will keep you excited about going to the gym and will prevent your workout routine from going stale.

As with any workout routine, you will see better results if you set concrete goals and document your training as you set out to achieve those goals. In the old days, we used to carry note pads and pens to the gym and log our weights and reps, tracking our progress from week to week. Nowadays, there are numerous smartphone apps which make it much easier to track your progress, and best of all, many of them are free. The following are the best free workout apps specific to CrossFit.

iWOD Fitness

This is one of the best free apps out there to track your CrossFit progress. iWOD Fitness has an impressive database of CrossFit "benchmark" workouts. These are specific workouts designed to be repeated every so often as a method of measuring how much your fitness level has improved. This app also gives you the ability to program your own workouts and results. This is very helpful for athletes who like to keep a log of what they do on a daily basis at the box (CrossFit vernacular for gym). iWOD Fitness also enables you to keep track of your max lifts on various weightlifting exercises, such as the squat, deadlift, clean and jerk, and snatch. That way, you can always refer to your app to know what your current PRs are. Best of all, iWOD Fitness includes a variety of timers, such as a traditional timer starting at zero, countdown timers for AMRAPs, and twenty-second-on, ten-second-off timers for Tabata intervals.


While iWOD Fitness is the top free app for tracking your CrossFit results, Ubersense is a must-have if you care about improving your form on various CrossFit exercises. Ubersense is a video recording app that goes way beyond a simple smartphone video recorder. It allows you to play back the videos you record in half-speed, quarter-speed, and even one-eighth speed so you and your coach can analyze where you went right and where you went wrong on a technical lift, such as a snatch or clean and jerk. It also enables you to record two separate videos and play them back side-by-side simultaneously. This lets you juxtapose a missed lift with a made lift and note the subtle differences in form which caused one to be successful and the other a failure.

Pocket WOD

This is a newer app for the iPhone. It is free and it contains many of the same features as iWOD Fitness. With its most recent updates, some reviewers online now claim that it has more capabilities and an easier-to-use interface than its more reputable counterpart. Since they are both free, it cannot hurt to download both to your phone, test drive them, and decide for yourself which is for you!

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